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Behavior Consultations

Are you dealing with issues beyond general obedience?  Our behavior evaluations are designed to help sort out problem canine behaviors such as:

  • Anxiety
    • Separation
    • Noise phobias
  • Aggression
    • Dog-to-dog
    • Stranger (people)
    • Resource guarding
    • Fear
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Overall pack/family dynamic (Leadership & Deference)

Behavior consultations are in-depth appointments that require the completion of a questionnaire prior to your visit.  The first session will last approximately 1 ½ hours, and follow up sessions will be determined together during that appointment.  Generally, at least 2-3 follow up sessions are recommended depending on the behavior issues.  Support via phone and email will be available to aid in your success.

Many canine behaviors can be linked to health conditions.  It is always recommended to rule in or out any potential conditions (thyroid disease, injury, chronic illness/disease, etc.) with your regular veterinarian.  Physical examination and blood testing are just a couple of reasonable diagnostic recommendations that can aid in behavior evaluation, management and modification.  We are happy to work in conjunction with your Veterinarian to ensure the best possible results.

Initial Session: $45 per hour here at Honey Creek

Follow-up Sessions:  $30 per hour at Honey Creek

$45-60 per hour for in-home