Beginning/BasicIntermediate/AdvancedOther Commands

Sit, Down, Stand

Stay on all positions

Recall (coming when called)

Loose-leash walking

Sit for greetings

Applying more:




to the Basic Commands


Automatic Sit during walks

Drop (lay down) at a distance

Off-leash control

Leadership exercises

Leave it

Go to your bed/spot

Door/gate manners

Give/Take objects

Retrieval games

3-day (2-night) package Tuesday-Thursday

$175 per week

After an early morning drop off Tuesday, we'll have multiple training sessions all three days and board your dog overnight.  At the end of the day Thursday, we'll review our progress and send you with a homework list.

Board & Train packages allow us to do some of the work for you!  For current students, we can polish up some of the commands, help get past some stumbling blocks, proof commands and introduce new commands.  For new students, we can help introduce new commands and work out any kinks with commands you've been working on yourself.

Since each pet and family is different, we'll consult together to come up with the best overall package and training plan that will help you reach your dog training goals and fit into your budget as well.

Each package includes:

  • Pre-board consultation to be sure we are all on the same page for what we will working on, goals and homework for the family. 
  • Either day or overnight boarding (bedding, bowls, food & treats included)
  • Follow-up help between or after training time.

Here are some of the common commands/behaviors we can help you with:

Day-Board & Train

3-day package Tuesday-Thursday

$150 per week

After an early morning drop off, we'll have multiple training sessions throughout the day. When you pick your dog up at the end of the day, we'll consult with you and pass along our progress and a homework list for that night and/or through the weekend.

Cost figured on an individual basis.

Training while Boarding

You are welcome to add our training services to your dog's boarding stay as well!  Together we'll work out a budget that will cover the items on your list and give us a timeline for training over the course of your dog's stay.

Overnight-Board & Train

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