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New Puppy Consultation - $25 here at Honey Creek

Our one-hour puppy consultation is designed to help puppy owners get personal coaching, including a full set of handouts, on raising their puppy.  These personalized, in-depth consultations can cover all the puppy raising challenges such as:

  • Housetraining, crate training, mouthing/chewing.
  • Hygiene, handling/restraint, feeding, socialization.
  • Overall reinforcement, behavior management and modification (stopping "stealing", jumping, etc.).
  • Beginning puppy obedience.


Private Obedience Sessions - $30/hour here at Honey Creek 
Private obedience sessions are often more workable solutions for a family who:

  • May not be able to come to the group classes due to scheduling,
  • Has a dog who is too “reactive” to other dogs or may be a bit too shy to join a group class,
  • Has a few specific obedience issues they’d like to train,
  • Just brought home a new puppy or dog and want immediate help getting settled in (house & crate training, mouthing & chewing issues, etc.),
  • Or prefer to have a little more one-on-one attention.

The sessions themselves, and the number of sessions, can be tailored to your needs and budget.

In-Home Sessions - $45-60/hour depending on location

Occasionally, in-home help is needed when dealing with training and/or behavior modification.  In most cases, we'll begin with a Private Session (above) or Behavior Consultation here at Honey Creek prior to an in-home session.