Dog Boarding

Indoor Kennel Amenities Include:
Heated and airconditioned separate dog room
Music played in room
2 doors (with windows) and 1 large window for light and viewing the outdoors
Kennels are 3x3' and 3x6' to accommodate all sizes and multiple family pets
2 attached grassy, fenced play yards for exercising off-leash 4 times each day

Indoor/Outdoor Run Amenities Include:
Heated and air-conditioned indoor private area for sleeping, food and drink
12 ft. long outdoor patio area via dog door (sunshades over run in summer)
Safe kennels with 4' block walls with 4' chainlink above
Kennel sizes (indoor) 4x4' and 4x6' to accommodate all sizes and multiple family pets
Light and bright buildings with 2 doors and 4 large windows, each with a country view
Music played in each building
2 attached grassy, fenced exercise yards for each building where the dogs enjoy off-leash exercise 3 times per day
Pet Cots available for our guests who would like to be up off the floor as well.

With 4 separate buildings and multiple options when it comes to kennel styles & sizes,

we can find the best match for your dog! For tour info click here.

Indoor Kennel Amenities in Barks & Rec Building Include:

Heated and airconditioned as needed

Music played in room

4 windows, 3 doors and large garage door for fresh air and natural light

Building opens up into our 1-acre Bark Park where the dogs enjoy their off-leash exercise breaks 3 times a day.

Kennel sizes vary from 2x3, 3x4, 4x4 and 4x5

Cat Boarding

Your cat's stay at the Resort can be just as comfortable and entertaining as being at home!
Our feline guests enjoy their own separate room with 2 large windows overlooking the yard.

Amenities include:
Heated and Airconditioned private cat room
Spacious suites with shelves for lounging
Suites interconnect for additional playroom
Food, dishes, litterbox & litter included
Comfy rugs and beds too
Cardboard boxes for hiding and playing
Cat toys (with or without catnip)
TV and fishtank for entertainment
Cat tree for playing/climbing positioned right in front of the window
Bench for naps and snuggling with staff

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